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Last year (2018), we provided the following treatments:

329 Laser Appointments
2,818 Female Intimate Waxes
216 Male Intimate Waxes
630 Leg Waxes

That's why we are the Hair Removal Specialists!
Opening Hours

Tuesday 9.30-8
Wednesday 9.30-8
Thursday 9.30-8
Friday 9.30-8
Saturday 9-5
Double Dipping

We follow a strict hygiene code to ensure no cross contamination of equipment and wax can take place.

Please visit the full site for further details.

We ask that our clients pre-pay for their appointments in-branch or online (a quick and easy procedure which is explained by e-mail when you provisionally book in). We do this because we cannot afford for you to cancel or move your appointment without giving any notice, which is an unfortunately common occurence.

Thank you for your understanding.
Specialists In Intimate
Hot/Peelable Waxing

We are:
Keen, enthusiastic & caring

Above all we are professional. We take great pride in providing excellent value for money.